The First Canton Fair in 2023 After COVID-19 Pandemic

Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is an international trade fair held twice a year in Guangzhou, China. The Expo is divided into three phases, each lasting five days:

Phase I: Electronics and household appliances, lighting, vehicles and spare parts, machinery, hardware and tools, Energy

Phase Ⅱ: Consumer goods, gifts and home decor

Phase III: Textiles and clothing, footwear, office supplies, medical and health products, food and indigenous products.

The Canton Fair is an important platform for companies to showcase their products, connect with potential partners and customers, and learn about the latest industry trends. The exhibition attracted a large number of visitors from all over the world, including buyers, importers, exporters, manufacturers and industry experts.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canton Fair has been held online since 2020. The number of participants in the first offline Canton Fair after a gap of three years exceeded the number of previous years, creating a historical record.

Our company also participated in this Canton Fair. We participated in the first phase of the building materials exhibition. In the exhibition, we would like to thank all customers for their affirmation of the quality of our products which also book a tour of the factory inspection . I believe we can have a good cooperation relationship in the future. At the same time, we also see many excellent products from other manufacturers, which is very important for our progress and development.

However, it is a pity that the date of this event conflicts with the date of Ramadan, so many Muslim clients did not come to the Canton Fair to meet. Some old customers are expected to negotiate business with the factory directly in May. Customers who could not attend the Canton Fair for various reasons are welcome to contact us to visit the factory and sample.

The buyers of this exhibition also expressed their business difficulties in the past two years when talking with our sales. We understand this very much and hope to launch more products in the future cooperation to help them re-open the market.Welcome customers to pay attention to our company website, we will continue to update the product design. If you are interested can contact us at any time: Email:[email protected]/whatsapp:+86-15602383254.


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