The introduction of the China factory ceramic washbasin types

Kaiert Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a chinese manufacturer with many years of experience in sanitary ware production and export.Our factory are specializes in producing and exporting bathroom fixtures such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and other related products.Our factories have most advanced equipment and technology that allows us to produce high-quality products that meet international standards.One of our key strengths is our expertise and experience in understanding the needs of different markets and designing products accordingly. This ensures that our products meet the specific needs of customers in different regions.After years of development, kaiert Sanitary products have been widely recognized by customers in various countries through cost-effective quality, and sell well at home and abroad.

Currently, kaiert is actively adapting to market changes and constantly expanding new product categories which make the factory expand the product line up to 250 lines. With the increasing market of ceramic washbasin, kaiert Bathroom is also actively developing the production line of washbasin to meet the needs of different purchaser from different country. At present, the ceramic wash basin of kaiert sanitary ware includes the pedestal basin,the countertop basin,the undercounter basin,the cabinet basin,the wall-hung basin.let us introduce these product categories in our factory for you in the following article.

The pedestal basin
The pedestal basin have two kinds of structures,is one-piece pedestal basin and two-piece pedestal basin.One-piece pedestal basins are a type of bathroom fixture that has become increasingly popular due to their sleek and elegant design.Easy to install, stylish make them becoming a growing favorite and choice among homeowners and professionals.One-piece pedestal basins are versatile and can be used in a variety of building, including residential bathrooms, commercial bathrooms, hotels, and restaurants.The two-piece pedestal basin is a more traditional wash basin structure, it is cheap, convenient transportation, simple installation. It is widely used in home bathroom decoration.

sanitaryware basin

The countertop basin
The countertop basin is also called the art basin. It has many shapes with many size.It is easy to use in all kind of bathroom design.Because the art basin were suitable for redesign processing and have good design effect,which make the designer art basin were more and more popular in many country sanitary ware market.Purchaser can customize styles and designs according to their own market needs to enhance the influence of their own brands,such as the color basin,the decal basin,the electroplated basin or mixing these processes.

The wall-hung basin
Wall-hung basins are a type of bathroom fixture that are mounted on the wall.It was space-saving,versatility in terms of installation height and location making them ideal for bathrooms with limited bathroom space.The wall hung basin are commonly used in residential bathrooms, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial settings where space is at a premium.


The cabinet basin
Cabinet basins, also known as vanity basins, are a type of bathroom fixture that combines a basin with a cabinet or storage unit. The cabinet basin can match the cabinet as a bathroom wash surface,it can provide both cleaning function and countertop function.With the rise of the bathroom cabinet market in various countries, the sales of the cabinet basin is getting better and better.The price of the cabinet basin is cheap, the size is diverse, the quantities of one container is huge, suitable for economic sanitary ware market procurement.Overall, cabinet basins are a versatile and practical option for anyone looking to enhance the functionality and style of their bathroom.

The undercounter basin
The sink is a traditional wash basin that is used with a rock or marble countertop.The use of flexible, suitable for a variety of bathroom washing table decoration needs, is also loved by various purchaser and building materials business.

kaiert sanitary ware Co., Ltd. welcomes all sanitary ware suppliers to browse our website and send us an inquiry for the sink you need. We want to help our customers develop the local market, we provide perfect pre-sale and after-sales service.Look forward to cooperating with you in the future


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