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About kaiert

kaiert is a sanitary ware manufacturer in China, which specializing in manufacturing and marketing of bathroom product over 15 years.

Kaiert focus on producing and selling good sanitary ware products since 2002, with ISO9001, CE, watermark,CUPC certifications etc, We provide you high quality products and VIP service.

Kaiert have a well team-conscious, the ability of communication and coordination, work hard, meticulous and patience can afford the pressure of the work. We are young, passionate, fun, experienced, helpful, when doing business with us, there is nothing you cannot rest assured.

Factories Established
The Factory is born
chaozhou factory

In 2002, our small factory was officially established in Fengtang Town, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. The factory began as a small factory in tile houses.

Branch Out
Expand Production Scale

The factory built a new building, bought new equipment, and built a kiln more than one hundred thirty meters long.At the same time the factory was given the name oumisi

Obtain ISO certificate
Obtain ISO9001:2015 Certificate

After several years of operation, the scale of the factory gradually expanded, and the management of the factory gradually standardized. Passed the ISO certification management system

  • Set up a subsidiary

Kaiert sanitaryware company was born
kaiert sanitary ware company picture

Due to the customer's purchasing demand, which requires our help to expand the purchasing categories, our boss established a trading subsidiary -- kaiert Sanitary Ware Co., LTD in 2019.

Our Factory Daily


After drying the ware,the ware is transported to fettling area for professional worker inspection.


On the battery casting machines the high pressure slip supply is distributed to the multiple moulds through pipe work and control valves ensuring even mould filling.


The ware is placed onto one of eighty worktables fitted to a variable speed floor mounted closed loopconveyor which transports the ware through manual and electrostatic glaze spaying booths

tunnel kiln

Water Test

Before shippment,the sanitary ware product should pass about three inspection including the water test.

warehouse stock


The ware will be move to kiln car pass the kiln with 1280℃ firing. 

Warehouse stock

Qualified products will be packaged according to customer’s requirements and stored in the warehouse waiting for customer’s delivery instructions

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