Take a trip to China to explore the factories where sanitary ware is made

Come and Visit a sanitary ware factory in China knowing the production process of bathroom products.The first thing is where to find a sanitary ware factory in china?

In China, there are many bathroom production bases, including Foshan, Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, and Hebei Province.Foshan and Chaozhou in Guangdong are the most representative. In fact, many factories in Foshan were previously manufacturers in Chaozhou.So in Chaozhou and Foshan can find a good sanitary ware factory.

What are the sanitary ware product include? Sanitaryware items are made up of ceramic ware that used in bathrooms. Sanitaryware is a vitreous china body fired above 1200°C to get the required sanitary model to use for domestic and industrial purpose.Some of the sanitary ware products are:

    • Toilets.
    • Wash basins.
    • Pedestals basin
    • Bidet.
    • Urinals.
    • Sinks.
    • Bath tubs

What are the production steps of sanitary ware product?

Most ceramic sanitary ware takes about eight steps to finish.They are respectively incoming, casting, drying, fettling, glazing, firing, inspection, packing.Let me explain clearly these step for you.

    • Incoming:the clay were brought from the mountains and mixed with water and material in the mixing blungers.We call it making slip.
    • Casting:then,the slip is injected into the moulds and the worker will turn the moulds upside down to making the slip filled in the mould evently.
    • Drying:after casting the clay boby will be dried naturally or be sent to the baked-room for hours
    • Fettling:the workers will cleaning or sanding the surface of the body.
    • Glazing:the toilet body will be covered by glaze evenly.
    • Firing:the glazed toilet clay body will be sent to the kiln fired under 1280 centigrade for hours.
    • Inspection:the Product before packing and shipping need to pass the inspection including appearance inspection, water pressure test and so on.
    • Packing:we use safe material and eco-friendly material to keep the product completed during the shipping ways

If none of the above can make you clear about the specific production of sanitary ware, you can also visit the factory on the spot.chaozhou kaiert sanitary ware company which cover a area of 50000㎡ have over 18 years.


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